Classes and Events


This quarter we will be offering several classes and regular events. Email us if you are interested in attending.

Chai – happens every Monday at 10pm. Chai means literally means ‘tea’ in many Slavic languages but also carries cultural significance, as it’s the time to sit down with your close ones to catch up, share funny stories etc. We will try to accompany each chai session with something fun!

Russki Stol (a Russian conversation table) takes place every Wednesday at 6:15 pm.

In the fall we teach Slavlang 60M a class on Slavic songs and poems. Please contact us for the schedule!

A list of relevant out-of-house classes includes:

ANTHRO 125A: The Anthropology of Postsocialism
ANTHRO 147A: Folklore, Mythology, and Islam in Central Asia
FILMSTUD 145/345: Politics and Aesthetics in East European Cinema
FRENGEN 361: Theories of Resistance
HISTORY 221B: The Woman Question in Modern Russia
HISTORY 223F: The Nationality Question in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union
HISTORY 229: Poles and Jews
HISTORY 299X: Design and Methodology for International Field Research
POLISCI 116: History of Nuclear Weapons
POLISCI 140C: The Comparative Political Economy of Post-Communist Transitions
POLISCI 314S: Decision Making in U.S. Foreign Policy
RELIGST 224B: Unveiling the Sacred: Explorations in Islamic Religious Imagination
SLAVGEN 221: Modernism and the Jewish Voice in Europe
SLAVGEN 248: Dissent and Disenchantment: A Survey of Russian Literature and Culture, 1953 to the Present
SLAVLIT 288: From Alexander Blok to Joseph Brodsky: Russian Poetry of the 20th Century
SLAVLIT 310: Civilizing Process: Paradigms of Society and Culture in Modern Russian Literature and Film

For placement in Russian language courses, please contact Eugenia
Khassina ( For placement in Albanian, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbo-Croatian, and Yiddish language courses, please contact Eva Prionas (

Please consult Explore Courses and Axess for the most accurate, updated course information.

Residents: Note that some courses will count for all 8 points while other, less-relevant courses will count for fewer. As always, talk to us if you have any questions!


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