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By choosing to live in Slav Dom, each resident agrees to abide by the theme requirements set forth below:

1. For each quarter a resident lives in Slav Dom, regardless of pre-assignment status, the resident must acquire 8 theme points.  Points can be acquired by attending in-house lectures, classes, and field trips, or by taking coursework related to the theme of the house and sharing this knowledge with the residents by teaching a class, giving a presentation, etc. A Stanford course may be used to fulfill theme requirements only once per year; in addition, at least one theme point over the course of the year must be acquired by attending an “out-of-house” event.

2. Each student must complete a theme project over the course of the year.  The guidelines are as follows:

-The project should have educational, theme-related content,

-The project should demonstrate serious effort (~8 hours of work),

-The project should be written up in the form of a 3-4 page paper or presented in a creative format, such as a poster.  There will also be an oral presentation to the house.  Residents will be expected to attend each other’s theme presentations (and like it)!

The theme requirement for Slav Dom is an integral part of the house’s mission, and should be taken seriously.  Should you choose not to complete the theme requirements, you will be asked to leave Slav Dom and find alternative housing or your account will be put on hold.

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